Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Jemo and his messages.


The messages from Jemo come in at 4.31pm. Because you are a ‘busy person’, you don’t read any until 8.00pm. Then when you finally have your legs spread on the sofa, you notice that you have four text messages from Jemo. Which is unusual, because Jemo is a caller.Not a texter. Your piqued interest however turns into terror and fright so fast.

‘Remember the day we went to the garage?’ It begins.

‘Remember how we thought it was a good idea for us to slip into that restaurant next to the garage when the sun was hitting on us hard?’ reads the next one.

‘Well, I was out of town and I came back yesterday to find all restaurants and eateries closed. Several corona cases have been reported in the restaurants and bars in the area. The restaurant we went to is one of them.’

‘Brian, it has been nice knowing you bro.’ The Son of a Biscuit signs off with morbid humor.

Something in your tummy stirs. You read the messages again. And again. But then each time you do, the words only guarantee the roosting of your goose.

“Fudge!” you say out loud while taking your legs off the sofa. There’s a smattering of worry across your face.

And when the taste buds in your mouth go sour, the first thing that comes to your mind is a cigarette.’ After a few good puffs, you begin to process the information. The possibility that you could actually die. That you may soon have a fat chance to reunite with your ancestors. You think about all the people you came to contact with since the day you accompanied Jemo to the garage and your heart shudders.

Mercy Bor | Bortuber

How do people still have the guts to post those tiktok videos that ask somebody whether they know somebody who has corona? People we actually know are being taken out by Covid. Don’t we all know someone who knows someone who has Covid now?


At the time when Nairobi was first closed, most of us did flee to shaggz saying, ‘Ah… surely, corona won’t find its way here, now will it?’ Joke’s on us, because it did and the enemy now camps too close to home.

This is like that time in the infinity wars when Thanos snapped his fingers and billions of people including twelve heroes began to vanish. People around the world are helplessly watching as their loved ones succumb to this Covid monster which just came out of nowhere; which when you think about, is very similar to the scene where Spiderman was in Iron man’s arms, begging and crying for his life.  

“I don’t wanna go… I don’t wanna go, please. Sir please,” he pleads.

The entire time, I was holding back tears and silently praying and hoping against all hopes that the film directors would listen to my prayers and let our beloved Spiderman live. I mean… Please let little Spidey live.

He vanishes anyway. Because Marvel can do that; make you fall in love with a super hero then have you witness his demise. You won’t do a thing about it.

Much as this Covid period and the infinity wars have remarkable similarities, there is one Stark difference (Stark. Get it? Like Tony Stark?); there’s no homecoming to this one. Anthony Russo doesn’t get to say, Cut!

Or like Thanos said, there’ll be no resurrection! Wear your masks, folks. Sanitize religiously.  No one is safe.

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  1. Talking of scenes I’m taken back to the movie Titanic. Wallace Hartley was the violinist and lead of an eight member band on the Titanic during its maiden voyage. This is his line from the script;

    Wallace Hartley : [the band has finished playing, and Hartley tells the band that they may go for the boats. He remains behind and starts to play “Nearer My God To Thee”. One by one the band comes back and plays as the scenes change. when the tune finishes, the water is about to swallow them] Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight.

    And so, they sank.

    • This scene

  2. The wordplay
    All jokes aside, i pity those who still think all this is a hoax

  3. Sasa imagine if you’re not a texter or caller(me) the Rona will just come and puts with you like that. Stay safe folks. And my fears have been confirmed, Jemo’s are always bad news, in every meaning of the word.
    Thanks for the read Bor.

  4. Pita*
    Pardon my Swahili and my TouchPal editor

  5. You are never so safe until you take the precautions.

  6. You know, I think reality is much scarier than fiction too. There are no times you’ll hear someone saying, ‘Cut! Let’s try this again’ then we get to start it all over again. We just have to take what’s left and go on. It’s all real. We really should learn to count our blessings and our wins too each and every day. Also remember to give thanks.

  7. I love love loooooooooooove it!!!!!!!! Especially the alluding to Avengers it’s amaaaaaaaaaaazing…and for someone who thinks about death as much as I doooooo I share in your sentiments…both from the tears shed when Mr.Stark dies to the thought of dying or losing our loved ones. It’s an epic read…Blessings

  8. Wear mask, keep social distance, sanitize


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