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Morning glory could mean several things. It could be the flower. It could also mean that other one. I mean the one that would find you basking in the glory of a sunrise. So glorious would it be that you would decide to take a photo. And because this is an era that people use digital media to speak for them, you would later leave the picture on your WhatsApp status with the caption; Morning glory.

A few scoundrels would, of course, slip into your inbox and ask… Morning glory? You guys will need to chill. It was a Morning. And it was glorious. Ergo, morning glory.

I asked Stephen Okwemba to do this week’s guest post. I still need a time out. I’m thankful for the recharging process going on in the kitchen. I’ll be back. And I will make the wait worth your while. You wait. Bor out.

‘The sunrise is phenomenal. A sight to behold.’ That is what my twitter handle sites 2nd September. Huh. Not what you expected? Sanitize.

In reality, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, scrolled through different social media platforms before going outside first daylight.

I stood outside the door, observed and listened. I saw the trees in their lively form. They had stood the test of times and were a sight to behold.

Onwards, to the far beyond, the hilly side facing a beauty, a city, Kisumu, rocks stood in their majesty. I breathed in, fresh air filled my lungs with the basic Science and truth about the morning air, purity and then out.

Little did I know that the best was yet to come.

Birds started chirping and singing to their tunes. Melodious music rent the air. It was heaven on earth.

Then, I was joined by an angel full of life. Her name is Ashley. Very Young you would say. Get it, like Ashley Young? With her, I understood the adage; silence is golden. We smiled at each other, she giggled and laughed, her front milk teeth showing without the utter of a single word.

Looking far West, the hills facing her majesty L.Victoria caught the sunrise first and mirrored the reflection of light. The reflection of a day yet to come. They embodied the hope of a bright day to come.

As if in unison, sparrows flew into the branches of trees nearby, and other birds chirped with more life as they danced their tails and wings on the green grass that lay in front of me.

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Then and only then did I hear the first cockcrow which transcended the village simultaneously in sync with other cocks.

I saw the sun in its might, rise above the roof of the house in front of me. As it plastered my shadow on the wall behind me, I savoured that moment with its full glory.

From my dad’s shop, I could hear the late Oliver Mtukudzi’s Todii, and I joined in Tuzi’s own words ;

Hoo todii, senzeni

what shall we do, tingadii

Senzenjani, what shall we do

Ashley knows not of this, but she was part of a morning that I would live to remember days to come.


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  1. This ended too soon


    • In Sauti Sol’s words…Short and Sweet…


    • i agree


  2. This is a great piece of work. Keep up


  3. Whoah!!
    So catchy


  4. The Morning ☀️

    And I Love Todii, May Oliver’s soul continue resting easy.


  5. Mercy never cease to amaze me❤❤❤❤ kudos


  6. A Great one…..


  7. On it rn waiting for actual morning glory☺️


  8. So thrilling. Brilliance!





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