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All these weddings in December got me under the impression that the deadline to peekaboo was 2020.

I am alive. Tired and in search of peace of mind, but alive. I have received complaints from some of you, asking where the Tuesday blogs went to. Mama’s here. In my defense, the holidays set in as soon as March checked in; every other blog that went up after that was a bonus. Okay, probably not. But you know what I mean.

Much as this has been one hell of a year, I like to look at it as the year my writing took a positive trajectory. Save for emerging pangolins amid a pandemic, the year came with veiled blessings. One of those blessings include Ally, who does very well editing stuff around here. It’s always been him; he makes me look good. Out here giving you the impression that I know the difference between lose and loose. (Ally here, its true).


Early this month, I attended a wedding as one of the bride’s maids. I intended to write about the experience the following week but I got lazy. And then words began playing peekaboo with me. In the article, I imagined I would talk about how I would look at the bride and groom while wondering how they would have consummated their marriage that night for the first time.

The groom couldn’t stop staring at his bride all through the sermon and at the reception ceremony. Clearly, he had eagerly been waiting for that day to come. It finally came and his eyes seemed to say something like, “Here, have some more of my meat, dear.  You’ll need the strength. No peekaboo tonight.”

It’s that time of the year to remind you that your domestic employees are privy to each and every family secret. Which is why it is paramount to respect and take good care of them. If you haven’t been doing that, they may not really come back next year. Don’t act like you did not know that already.

Much appreciation for showing up every Tuesday this year. You guys were amazing. I will be ‘hiding white’ for a while, till I feel rejuvenated enough to stop hating my blinking cursor. So, peekaboo!

Happy holidays.

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  1. Peekaboo indeed

  2. Hii December househelps wakienda huwa hawarudi


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