Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Mercy Bor





It all began with a drunk son, threatening to do something really bad if he wasn't going to get money. It wasn't the first time, but this time round, he sounded a tad serious and he had a dagger to show for it.


Honestly Kipla, I think contraceptives should be made readily available and parents need to take sex education more seriously. Three thousand girls got pregnant. But how about the ones who acquired STIs, UTIs or even worse, AIDS? It's just sad.


“It’s because you have been eating too much avocados. You need to cut down on your avocado intake,” she says when she finds me doing the dishes, “And are those sufurias washed already?”


"You know how you make adult long-term goals in your invisible vision board,say by twenty-seven, I must have a ride of my own and a msupa to ride it with? Well, most...


Join me, in weaving the African tapestry and adorning it with all the beads it could carry. Accompany me as I attempt to paint pictures with words. All the while making efforts to fall in love with deadlines


As he began browsing through the farm with a huge stick he'd picked up, I couln't help but think; What if the snake wasn't real? Aren't those moments the worst? When you know well that you saw something but all evidence does is lie. (Like that time when you saw a stray text in his phone and you brought it up later during an argument. He denied vehemently of course, because by then, the evidence was languishing wherever deleted texts go to.)


A slightly drunk man raises his rum filled glass and shouts,” Ameeeen, sister!” He is vehemently tapping his left foot under the wooden table. He turns towards the avowed streetwalker seated right next to him and says, " I tell you, show me an oppressed people and I will show you seeds of liberation...Hic!..  systems are supposed to protect their own. "

Another Story.

I am not a writer. I don’t even pride myself in being able to put two and two together when it comes to thinking of a story. Sometime back, I tried my hand in poetry to impress some lady whose tea I wanted to make every morning; with two tea bags like she loved it.

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