Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Red Lipstick.

Red lipstick seems to be popular among men. Not because they use it most, but because most of them like it on a lady. Ain't no fierce and bold woman than one...


A total of five children and two adults have sank into that hole. Only four bodies were found and when they were, they looked nothing like human bodies.

Jemo and his messages.

And when the taste buds in your mouth go sour, the first thing that comes to your mind is a cigarette.’ After a few good puffs, you begin to process the information. The possibility that you could actually die.

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It would begin with a small quarrel, and he would be caught in the crossfire. Then a few...

Something Fishy.

There's something fishy about the couple on the opposite table. Like they shouldn't be together but are anyway. The mamaa, probably in...


"I want you to be my wifey. I know what you deserve. You need to be respected, taken good care of...

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